Friday, January 21, 2011

Post 24

Hopefully I will never have to experience any of the four types of unemployment. However, let’s just pretend that will happen.
          Structural Unemployment- I decided to be a bookmobile driver. However, the library decided to stop having the bookmobile go around and instead moved all the books to the regular library. I was structurally unemployed.
          Seasonal Unemployment- As a lifeguard, I experience seasonal unemployment every fall, winter, and early spring.
          Frictional Unemployment- After college, I went into the workforce as a speech therapist, and because they have a 100% employment rate, I was quickly employed at a hospital. However I was soon offered a job in a school system which I prefer, so for a month after I left the hospital and before I was officially working for the school system, I was frictionally unemployed.
          Cyclical Unemployment- During an economic recession, the school system in which I work layed off three of the five speech therapists and, unfortunately I was one of them. I was cyclically unemployed.

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