Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Post 18

Mr. Campbell asked us to visit a site of a teacher he follows on Twitter. The teacher's website has many links on it that have to do with economics. My job was to be an investigator and find three websites I would like to use on the midterm. Here they are along with an explanation as to why I chose them.

Link #1

This is the first website I would like to use on the midterm even though, hopefully I will be exempt. It is a huge dictionary of economics terms. The midterm is bound to have questions that have vocabulary words imbedded in them and vocabulary terms as answers. This website will be an aide if the student does not know what some of those words are. It is organized in a concise, easy to use fashion and seems to be very helpful.
This is the second website I would like to use on the midterm.  This website would be immensely helpful as an aide on the midterm. On the left side of the site, there are links to other parts of the site that would actually be the most helpful.  The “concept” and the “support resources” links seem to be the most helpful. While investigating these links I found numerous helpful pages. I have found glossaries, descriptions of concepts and many helpful tools. The site is also organized very well.  This site would be very helpful while taking the economics midterm.
This is the final site I would pick if I could use three websites on the midterm.  It seems to go over most of the topics we have covered this semester. The links on the site go to pages about economic principles, supply and demand, economic systems, economic policy, corporations and stocks, and a few other economic topics. Many of the lessons we have had this year have been on those topics, so this website will be very helpful on the midterm.

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